Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Order's Up

Yesterday I was at work when a man walked in with a few of his friends several minutes before our kitchen was to close. His friends ordered but he, hanging back, looked unsure of ordering. I asked him if I could get him anything. He explained that he was trying out a new thing called "intuitive eating." He only wanted to eat when he was truly hungry. The problem was, he said, that he still didn't understand if what he was feeling was hunger or not. I explained that our kitchen would close in a few minutes and that if he wanted anything he had to order soon or else he would not be able to order. It was then that he decided that he was not hungry.

Sometimes the kitchen closes before you arrive. Sometimes you have arrived just in time. Sometimes you order just a drink. Sometimes you order, although not hungry, just to buy a little more time. And sometimes you arrive in time but, seeing nothing you want, chose to leave with out a thing. Some order the same thing over and over and over always unsatisfied but safe. Some order something new every time sometimes spending weeks in recovery after choosing poorly.  Sometimes when you get your order, it is wrong. Sometimes it is the most delicious meal you have ever tasted. Some stick with their less than savory meal. Others ask to change it. An still yet others spit it out, ask for a refund, and cash out on love all together. Life can make us decided before we think we are ready. But you see the kitchen may close for the evening but it will open again in the morning. Maybe the items on the menu have changed. They could be better than yesterdays items or they could be worse. Will you take a risk and order now or later? In the mean time......
Order's up.

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