Saturday, April 23, 2016

Getting Schooled (Part I)

I started nursing school.

At first I underestimated how much homework I would have. 

Then I realized.

And at first I was all like

But after a few days 

So the first two weeks I felt like if I laughed too hard I would start to cry.

But I like to think I'm still keeping' it real.

Also, what is sleep?

When your instructor says, "You have a quiz on Monday" they actually mean:

But I still think I overestimate what is at stake when I take a quiz.

And after being at school and doing homework for hours I try to talk to people like everything is fine. 

So when I am socially awkward, I just sort of go with it.

So my flirting game is obviously also on point.

Now, I've come to the conclusion that the positively inclined numbness I feel towards all the work and tests I have to do may be what some would call being, "determined."

But  I'm still uncertain if it is "determination" I feel or if I am just drinking too much coffee. Or if I'm just in denial.

And  as of right now I LOVE nursing school. And I am hopeful that I'll continue to love it. 

I just have to stay positive

And balanced.

And keep remembering,

I love you guys.

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