Monday, December 29, 2014

10-ish Reasons Why I Know My Mom is My Mom.

1. She is the BEST story teller. I'm pretty sure if her life were a movie it would look a lot like Big Fish. And we all know how that one ended.


2. Because I get text messages like this:

 And I know she really means, "We are still going to Skype at 6pm your time right?"

3. Because she sent me this picture on Christmas Eve:

4. And then this one the day after Christmas.

Her vote of confidence in regards to my love life is truly inspiring.

5. Because she sends me 6 Billion posts on Facebook everyday. 

I gripe about it but without her, well, this would be my Notification Page:

Thanks mom!

6. We are both obsessed with our dogs. For obvious reasons.

(My mom and her dog Joshua)

(Ruthie June and Sidekick)

(now multiply these pictures by 1.78 billion and you might come close to the number of pictures we have of our dogs.)

7. Because watching Lord of the Rings is ALWAYS a great idea.

8. Family is Everything. 
And Socks. 

Yes, definitely socks. 

Fuzzy Socks. 
A lot of them. 
Socks forever.

9. Because Road Trips, traveling and trying out local cafe's and coffee shops is just our THING. 

10. I get "Are You Dead?" Emails in my inbox every other day. Even after I have just "liked" all of the 6 Billion posts she sent me on Facebook. 

Nope. I'm not dead yet, Momma. But thanks for caring! 

Love you Mom!! You are the best! :)

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