Monday, November 18, 2013

GIF Me a Break.

I decided to make a blogpost about me. Maybe you can relate. 

I know I pronounced "Gif" Wrong

I am hard of hearing and I don't like to wear my hearing aids very often. 

.....but eventually I will notice someone is talking to me.

And I read lips so this next statement is actually excruciatingly true for me...

I am a health nut.

But I make allowances for a few occasional treats here and there.

I'm a morning person

I want a Rottweiler and a French Bulldog so badly.

I see people with dogs and I remember I can't have one because I am a poor college student.

I'm really good at flirting.

I want to make a living traveling, writing and reading books.

When I see a picture of Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds or Tom Hiddleston.

This is what it looks like in my head when I daydream about meeting Benedict Cumberbatch or Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

When I realize I may never meet them.

Suck it, Reality.

How I think I look when it is sunset and there is a light breeze blowing through my hair.


When one of my roommates suggests we watch "He's Just Not That Into You"

What I tell everyone when a guy I like doesn't like me back.

On the inside I'm like,

How I feel when I first decide I'm going to skip class for the day.

What I feel like when class is over and I missed it

When I finally decide I am not going to the gym after spending an entire day trying to force myself to go.

When I do get to the gym.

I am a Vegetarian.

I make pun jokes like it is goin' out of style.

I love to hang out at coffee shops and talk to my friends.

What people may think I feel like when I blast my music in my car

What I actually feel like

Because I'm hard of hearing remember?

I think I am hilarious.

What I feel like when I am driving with the windows down.

I am annoyingly Optimistic.

What I felt like when I finally got the app Tinder.

How Tinder works:

What I feel like when I get a match on Tinder

When I get a message on Tinder

When I make a really witty joke on Tinder

After having Tinder for a week

What I feel like when I don't know how to end a blogpost that could go on forever.

So that is a little bit about me. Now VeGONE.
(Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World reference anyone?)

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