Friday, June 15, 2012

IV Drip Drip Drip

I went to UCSB to visit some of my friends and it was so wonderful to see them all doing so well! I have missed them even more than I thought I did(which is saying something)! All of them have helped me grow and become better in many, many ways. I hope they enjoy my friendship as much as I enjoy theirs. I have no idea how we all became friends, all I know is that I am one of the luckiest people on the planet. The following descriptions of them are poor expressions of their true nature.  Human complexity and imperfection is what gives life texture. As humans, we may all be imperfect but my friends come pretty close to perfection nonetheless. They are so complex and full of life it is hard to explain them accurately because no combination of words will do. I guess that is why we have to live life, not just read about it.

Bryan's loyalty and dependability is ever present. He is still working out, working and having a blast. He was my workout buddy and he used to pretend to be my boyfriend when IV creepers would get too close. He even introduced me to the magical body pillow. He forgave me when I tucked him into bed and forgot to turn off the light when I left, he leaves the funniest voice messages and he is totally into World Peace. This guy is solid.

Max's laughter and rosy cheeks make me smile. His laughter is infectious and I always felt safe around him. His drive and responsibility have always impressed me. He is going places. He is a homie and a half and he has and awesome sister , Mary Grace, and I have, since I met her, always wished her happiness and strength.

Nelson. This guy. Where do I begin? His mumbling, funny, smart comments always make me laugh even though he usually has to repeat them since I am hard of hearing. He gets it. His hugs are top notch too. His smile seems to emanate from inside of him. It isn't just a smile, it is a statement. I miss how he used to give me his left over candy when his mouth would get sore from eating too much of it. Those were the days!

Armand's kind and cleanly nature is amazing. He has a sweet sense of style too I might add. He always takes care of people when they get too drunk. Fetching waters and making sure they don't fall asleep on a random park bench in IV. What a great guy! He also makes an amazing Aladdin. Did I mention he loves the Lakers? Maybe "love" isn't a strong enough word. Last time I checked he and Kobe = SOUL MATES.

Quincy. He loves his coffee French Pressed and piping hot. I like that he asks questions and receives the answers with an open mind most of the time. He never fails to make me feel welcomed and appreciated. I don't feel awkward when I hang out with Quince. We used to go out with Garrett and just pick up sea shells...okay, okay, we only did that once but the one time we did go it was awesome and I am sure, had I stayed at UCSB, we would have made that a regular thing.

Garrett is awesome. He and Quince have been friends for a long time and their friendship inspires me. He is a little more quiet but when he speaks people listen. It's pretty cool. He is always so nice to me and I appreciate that immensely.

The ever beautiful Caylee is my all time favorite roommate and a wonderful friend. I loved that our dorm room was a safe place where we could just BE. She helped me rekindle my love of pink. She helped me to embrace being female and her sense of fun was always fantastic to have around. Every time I see Hello Kitty I think of her and my thoughts are always pleasant. She is gorgeous inside and out.

Genna and our long-lasting friendship was an amazing thing to have up at SB. We ran together all through high-school and hung out all the time and it was so nice to have a piece of home up with me in SB. She is so laid back, friendly and adventurous it is contagious. 

Scotty's messy runner man ways were always so fun! He knew how to take a joke which was nice because I like to laugh and he has a good laugh. It was nice to have someone to talk about running with too. I hope he still has his red shorts. Those were legit.

Dane Tinley and his encouragement and support. This super soulful surfer introduced himself to me early on freshmen year and I am so glad he did.  Dane is actually one of the main reasons I started taking writing more seriously. I always told him how much I loved it and books and one day we were eating lunch and he told me he was going to buy the book that I,one day, would write. I thought he must be joking.  But, nevertheless, his words implanted themselves in my brain and have popped up daily since. That short conversation we had made a tremendous difference in my life. It was just the push I needed. He was so genuine about it. He even read my terrible script I wrote for a play I had been assigned to write for a class. He is a brave soul. He said he liked it. It was terrible and maybe he thought so too but I think he understood the delicacy of friendship. He didn't lie, he was just merciful in his critiques.  They were constructive but never painful. I think he liked that I tried. So I haven't written a book yet. Maybe I never will.  At least I am doing something I love and that is, largely, thanks to Dane.

Jacob Vowels was awesome. I dyed this kid's Mohawk platinum blonde once and it was so fun. He can pull that kinda thing off. He does track but he still seems to keep life pretty balanced.

Andrew has killer patience and courage. He had the strength to go his own way even when it was incredibly hard to do so. Props to this guy for doing what he needs to do to be true to himself.

Elder and sister Tate and all my SB ward friends and their cheerfulness that have helped me become happier than I have ever been.

Unfortunately, UCSB dropped my major and after only a year at UCSB I transferred to BYU (a decision I do not regret, except that it meant I had to leave my friends) in order to  pursue writing and Athletic Training. If I could have taken all of them with me I would have. I miss them everyday. I think about them often and talk about them all the time. If I could make like HP and apparate I would. UCSB was one of my greatest adventures and I got to spend it with some of the world's most amazing people. Leaving was incredibly painful but life isn't all honeysuckles and sunshine but getting to see them again was dazzling. I have been trying to figure out how I can turn the trial of having to be away from them into something that makes me stronger and I think I have figured out what I needed to learn from it all. That "goodbye" does not have to be forever. The hope that I get to see them again someday is what keeps a smile on my face and laughter in my eyes. Friends are one of this life's greatest treasures. They are my family. I am determined to always keep in touch with them. I think the reason Peter Pan could remain so happy even when his friends came and went was because he chose to forget about them. Rather than suffer pain at their loss he would, simply, just forget. I refuse to forget. I would rather suffer the pain of a thousand "goodbyes" with a hope of saying a single "hello" again rather than letting "goodbye" be the end. Where my friends go there will my home and heart be also. I am so glad I went home.

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