Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So, I work at Guru's. I love it. Being behind that stainless steal counter makes me feel like a VIP. It's like sitting in the front row at General Conference watching all the Apostles breathe. Well, maybe not that cool but close. Greeting customer's with a sunshine smile, filling water cups like a champ, running out orders using my super speed, dodging little children like a Jedi, apparating from place to place like HP fleeing the Death Eaters, swooping in with refills until various cups runneth over with bubbly deliciousness, rolling silverware like I invented it all the while pre-busing tables like it is going out of style.  Oh yes, I'm a Guru's waitress,well, warrior really. What goes through the heads of the Guru's staff as we tackle work like a Spartan against an entire Persian army? Well here is a glimpse into the life of the Guru's staff, more specifically, me.

I must have been born with a love(obsession) with working. If I didn't have to shower I would most likely live under the counter at Guru's. I go to work for fun. My friends all work with me and I like keeping busy. Simple as that. I am sure my co-workers are probably creeped out a bit by it but hey, we go way back. I mean way back, about 2 months to be exact. I eat breakfast at Guru's at least twice a week with some of my awesome co-workers. Yes, Guru's serves breakfast much to my delight. I go into work early to eat a delicious Spinach salad and then clock in. Let the fun begin. Many of us get uneasy when there is nothing to do. When all the ice is refilled, the drinks restocked,cups refilled, the bookshelf wiped down and a million little tasks are all done what is a Guru to do? Fidget. Count our drawer, watch water glasses like Frodo stares at The Ring at night. As soon as a glass looks even slightly empty I am there with my vessel of Holy Water ready to top you off. I love to organize too. If I can, I try to organize around the work space. Things can get pretty crazy but from 4-5pm Guru's is like a barren wasteland. When a customer walks in it's a mad dash to the cash register in a hopes to take their order. When a "regular" walks in it brightens my whole day. I make sure to remember their name because they are awesome and I love people. Sometimes we will have bands play and some nights we have Karaoke. On these nights taking orders can be like trying to solve a expert level Sadoku puzzle. A game of charades really. A really fun game of charades I might add. Clean up is magical. Have you ever seen Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium? Or Night at the Museum? Yeah, it's like that. Cups sing sweet lullabies to us, the coffee machine plays the blues, tables and chairs dance until, eventually, the Guru's staff has to pull out the Tranquilizer guns to calm things down. I've become fluent in Spoon Speak. Forks are a little pokey but the knives are downright dangerous. Napkins like to sleep so we don't worry too much about them. The huckleberry soda is the coolest kid on the block. The trash cans cheer us on in all our endeavors. Eventually we turn the lights off when all the pans have burnt out and the forks and knives are conspiring in their napkins. I drive home and dream of asking customers "chicken, steak or pork," ever excited to begin work the next day.

People wonder why I like my job. Well, it's magical. Like Disneyland or Dumbledore.

One Shot.

I love to exercise. It is my release. Some people bond over ice cream and late night heart to hearts or over a mutual hatred for the Dodgers but I tend to bond with those I exercise with. I still enjoy heart to hearts (although when I was younger I was a fan of the Dodgers) but nothing compares to a friendship bound by sweat, team work and a masochistic love of physical pain. At least it is that way for me. My best friend Jess and I met in high school while at Cross Country practice and then we became close during track season since we both did Hurdles. We run every time we are both home from our various universities. Then we hang out like normal girls. It's simple. It is honest. It's healthy (on a number of levels).The reason I bring all this up is because, after drooling over contemporary dance videos for 4 hours on Youtube last night I realized I really needed to get a life. So I started a Blog? I started one last summer and it worked out alright. Some people track their calories or take before and after pictures to chronicle their weight loss efforts whereas I get a kick out of writing. I figure, a blog is a pretty good way to become motivated to do more with my life. I have notebooks and pocket books I carry with me everywhere I go just in case inspiration hits, but I thought a blog might be a nice place to bring all those little bits of light together. Have you ever tried to venture through a cave with a flickering flash light? You end up at the bottom of a creepy tunnel while invisible spiders crawl up your legs and arms. No good. So I guess a blog is my way of trying to make that flickering flash light produce a steady stream of light so I can see more clearly where I am going. 

Life feels very stagnant right now. It makes me think back to my Track races. I remember getting into the blocks. fidgeting, getting comfortable, trying to stay focused my hands covered in sweat, chalk and dirt. I remember the terrible moment of complete stillness before the gun went off. The fear, the excitement, the self doubt but also the hope. The hope that this might be my best race, that I might reach a new personal best or finally feel accomplished after I cross the finish line. Then the run. Then the stretch. Then the movement. Some days I would choke, somedays I would win. There are times in life ranging from moments to years that can feel like this. Life feels pointless, empty....lifeless. Full of fear and doubt but a small sliver of hope always seems to accompany all of that. Hope that one day all the little things I do will make an impact. That when the race is over and life comes to a close that it was not in vain. That someone benefited from my life. That I helped people in my own way. I want to move. However, I refused to be afraid of the stillness, I will breathe and brave it. At the same time I want to be ready for the movement. I have one shot at life. I don't want to be stuck in the blocks. I don't want to choke. 

On an entirely random note Ben Howard is awesome so I want to share one of his songs.